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Start springtime off right!

Winter winds down, the snow is melting, and behold, you have a deck that is looking grungy – a section of the railing and a few deck boards have come loose and the stain has faded or peeled.

Heavy snow packs and rain water have caused your fencing to rot over the years and a fence panel or two has begun to lean.

You may have noticed you’re not getting proper flow from your home’s gutters and downspouts or maybe the snowplows damaged them.

And did you forget to clean all those leaves, twigs, and branches that fell onto your roof last fall? 

If any of these are happening at your home, then I can help you check these off of your Spring To-Do list.


Are you ready for winter?

Leaves and pine needles can clog your gutter preventing it from doing its job of safely diverting water from your roof. Debris on your roof will eventually make it to your gutters too. I can clear all obstructions so winter rain and snow melt runs unrestricted down your gutters.

Clean gutters are only part of the problem if water is not properly flowing off your roof. What about your downspouts? Are they also clogged or damaged? 

Do you have a fence that is rotting or leaning? Now is a good time to repair it before the heavy snows come.

If you have some asphalt shingles that have loosened or broken off, I can take care of that for you.  I repair shingles that are located up to two stories high on the side of the house or on the roof.

I would be happy to take a look at all of these issues for you and help put your mind at ease before hibernating for the winter. 


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