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Interior Painting

South Shore Handyman Inc. can paint your home’s interior and give you the colors you’ve always wanted!

Contact me if you would like just a wall or bedroom painted or if you’d like your whole house painted. I will take great care of your home, laying plastic sheets over furniture and tarps on the floor. One room usually takes one day and a 1200 square foot condo or house takes between one and two weeks, depending on what you want done and the amount of repairs that may be required.

Paint tips:

Ceilings – get ceiling paint which has a flat finish but is thicker to reduce splatter.

Walls – are typically painted with an eggshell finish.

Trim – Pearl or satin finishes are great for trim.

Children’s bedrooms – to allow for easier cleaning, use a pearl or satin finish.

Bathrooms – again, due to moisture in these areas, I recommend a pearl or satin finish.

Kitchens – you could do eggshell, pearl or satin.

Paint finishes such as semi-gloss and gloss have more sheen and therefore are more reflective…not a popular choice in the homes I paint.

As far as colors go…truly, what ever colors suit your taste is fine. The recent trend has been light shades of gray. The current trend, at least in the homes I’ve been painting lately, is bright and clean white. You can go pure white or a few subtle shades darker white on the walls to provide a tasteful contrast to the white trim and ceilings. There are dozens of shades of white to choose from. A condo I recently painted was painted a soft creamy white on the walls which looked very classy against the ultra white of the trim and ceilings.

I hope these tips aid in some of your decision-making. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the process of painting your home.

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