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Home Sale Preparation

South Shore Handyman Inc. can prepare your current home before sale and your new home before you move in!

If you’ve watched HGTV enough, you know that homes sell quicker and at higher prices after a thorough sprucing up.

Paint is the #1 bang for your buck home improvement. Safe interior colors that appeal to most buyers are light earth tones but most houses and condos I’ve painted lean towards white – white is in. Making your home look clean and bright is a plus to any prospective buyer. From ceiling to walls to baseboards and trim, a fresh coat of paint is a no brainer as it will greatly enhance the appearance of any space.

But before painting, the walls should be in their best condition. Large holes, small holes, drywall defects, and paint mishaps all need to be remedied before the first coat of primer and/or paint is applied and which takes some skill and know-how.

How about your new home? Will your new home be ready when you move in?

Most homes are candidates for To-Do lists a mile long:

  • Repair damaged drywall
  • Fill holes in drywall from television mounting screws, picture frames, etc.
  • Patch holes in wall left by the electrician
  • Remove wallpaper
  • Paint interior walls, ceiling, and trim
  • Repair or install baseboards, crown molding, and window/door casings
  • Clean out dryer vent
  • Recaulk bathroom tubs and shower
  • Repair or install stair railings
  • Hang hooks, mirrors, and paintings
  • Remove/install shelves
  • Install window treatments
  • Assemble furniture
  • Replace door knobs
  • Install fire detectors
  • Mount television¬†


South Shore Handyman Inc. is an experienced, professional handyman service that routinely helps clients transition into their new homes. Don’t stress….We can take care of a lot of what needs to be done before you start your move.

Request an estimate today to schedule an onsite visit and we can do a walk-through of your home and compile that To-Do list.

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