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Deck Repair

South Shore Handyman Inc. can repair your deck!

Decks are often made of cedar or pressure treated pine…and wood eventually rots. Decks in Montreal are especially susceptible due to the harsh winters and year-round rainfall. Most deck repairs are fairly straight forward and other repairs are more involved requiring an understanding of structural loads, foundations, and building codes. 

Common deck repairs include:

  • Rotted or cracked deck boards, joists, railings, and stairs.
  • Loose components such as railings and balusters.
  • Ledger board is disconnecting from the house or improper fasteners were used.
  • Concrete piles are crumbling or leaning too far to one side.
  • Sloping: If your deck wasn’t built to code, your deck may be sinking.

If your deck is experiencing one or more of these problems, South Shore Handyman Inc. can resolve them for you. Schedule an on-site estimate today! 

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